Mario Gonzalez

At-Large Member

Senior Director of the Survivors of Torture Program in Kovler Center,  Heartland Alliance International

Mario Gonzalez has extensive experience in the clinical area, working with several types of severe trauma, war trauma, torture, exile and persecution, and also working with the relatives of forcibly disappeared individuals; experience in violence prevention, coordinating with the different actors involved in gang related conflicts affecting the community. Experience working with orphan institutionalized children, which presented a variety of complex trauma, including war trauma, sexual child abuse and neglect. Also experience working with HIV population at a very advanced stage of the illness. This vast experience has helped to develop expertise working with, Individuals and Groups. Developed skills in different areas, such as, diagnosis, psycho-therapy, cross-cultural understanding, and forensic documentation of traumatic experiences. In addition extensive experience in issues related to immigration, human rights, and social justice. Bilingual and bicultural; Central-American, Guatemalan Native.