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Clint Carney


Government Affairs Manager at Survivors of Torture, International in San Diego.

Clint leads the advocacy and government relations efforts of SURVIVORS, including coordinating collaboration and advocacy with other torture treatment programs in California, and providing advocacy mentorship and training for survivors who wish to continue their advocacy for human rights issues as they may have done in their home country. Before joining SURVIVORS, Clint held government and public affairs positions for more than 20 years focusing on public and private issues, and he has served on numerous nonprofit boards for more than 20 years. Clint was the Secretary of an international technical service provider supporting domestic violence service centers across the US and around the world. Clint is also currently part of the local leadership team coordinating humanitarian support at the US-Mexico border where more than 15,000 asylum seekers have arrived and been processed for street releases within the past month, with about 1,000 more arriving in the San Diego region each day.

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