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Community of Practice Poetry: Night Jean Muhingabo

Who can I blame ?

Tears, tears and tears. Not peace!

Mom, why are we alone?

Every time, I asked her! She shakes her head twice with sadness.

Yet, still not answering my question.

What happened to my uncles, brothers, sisters and grandfather? What happened to my dad?

Why do people keep calling us refugees?

When I grew up, I found out some of my family members were kidnapped, abused, and killed during war.

But, who can I blame?

My family story became like a burden. Neighbors would ask why don't you speak like us?

People were insulting how come you have no identity and no nationality?

But, who can I blame?

People kept their hatred towards us, because we kept seeking asylum, moving countries to countries, learning cultures to cultures, learning languages to languages.

But, who can I blame?

Even though we lived a difficult life my mother, my little sister were my only hope and consolation.

Written by: Night Jean Muhingabo

We can make this world a better place

Think…..oh think!

Think about our generation.

Think about the darkness upon us.

There’s no longer love which is about helping each other.

People hating each other.

People killing each other.

We have seen war everywhere, our friends, families running away to find a peaceful place.

We have seen people accepting and enjoying the violence.

Oh if we can only create a new world without fear and stand for things that we believe are right.

You, and I can make the world a better place by making ourselves a better person.

Let's take a look at ourselves and make a change.

Written by: Night Jean Muhingabo

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